Saturday, April 30, 2016

At the Carwash!

Remember when you did a carwash to raise money for that... mission trip/sports team/club you were a part of?  You had to market, and get the word out, you had to serve others, you had to hustle.

That was a lot of learning.  

To bad it only lasted for one afternoon.  

Oh, and another thing, grants are shallow.  Too often an adult writes them while taking a gamble on what kids will like or what they are interested in.  Sometimes it works really well, and sometimes not so much...  Don't get me wrong I have written plenty of grants the last few years and I have appreciated all of them and kids have had SO much more opportunity because of them.  Grants are still necessary.  They just shouldn't be the only way innovative practices and learning in the classroom happens.  

Besides all that, I am beginning to feel that when I am the one going through the process of getting money for student learning I am stealing a learning opportunity away from my students.  

I am taking this problem of not enough money funding education and I am completely solving it for them.  

Why am I doing this?

What if kids had to hustle? What if kids had to serve? What if kids had to build a brand and market a product to earn money for their own learning?  What if kids had to network? How much better would that be?  Kids funding their own learning.  If carwashes to buy uniforms are possible.  Hydroponic vegetables being sold to restaurants so that we can buy ______________ or give money to ______________ should be possible.  Students screen printing their own positive message on shirts that are sold online and shipped to customers so that students can take a trip to _________________ should be possible.

While Rob and I were at SXSW we met the people behind Real World Scholars (RWS).  Their mission is to have students learn entrepreneurial skills by opening and running their own businesses.  We were hooked!  We opened this hidden door on students around the country funding their own learning experiences.  BOOM! We had a model we met and learned from Ashley Greenway, and we were off.  With RWS support and guidance and an awesome smashing of Class Wallet, and Square we are now closer to student managed and operated businesses that do social good, community philanthropy, and fund student learning experiences.

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